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Updated: May 4, 2021

Numb made me happy..... numb made me comfortable to be fully present and not present at all felt like a secret that only I knew and could keep forever. And then I started my journey to self discovery searching for my true purpose. Longing for something, needing to feel all the things I had only witnessed but hadn’t experienced. At 33 and a mother of an 8 year old my truth is I’ve never made love. Yep I said it( don’t judge me) lol!!! Clearly I’ve experienced intercourse but my inability to feel stole this from me.... After acknowledging this it was time to soul search and now I’m here 6 months into another round of celibacy, but this time intentionally feeling every moment and not allowing myself to fall back into the best numbing vice I’ve ever experienced SEX. Let’s talk about it.... I’m just a girl trying to heal.....can anybody relate? like, comment and share... it’s just girl talk🤔😉

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This is a reality for many women. Many of us have never experienced true intimacy or “love making”. It’s an experience that has very little to do with the genitalia and everything to do with the mind and spirit. It’s connection on a cosmic level. When it happens you’ll know.❤️

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Tempestt Edwards
Tempestt Edwards
05. 5. 2021
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Exactly numbness lacks intimacy I’m so glad I’m not alone❤️✌🏽sis

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