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I can’t be late on my time👀

In most instances we go through life trying to figure out where we are supposed to be at certain times based on CLOCKS we have never actually seen. It’s like we watch for the next step based on socially acceptable timelines. Just A Girl is allowing us to COVER the clocks, cut off the the timers and release the pressure. How do you really figure out who you are supposed to be if you are watching someone else’s clock. Lets put it into a more socially acceptable scenario. So imagine you are standing in line at a store and there’s a lady in front of you texting(or on Instagram) your phone just died in the middle of a text😳(stay with me!) Is it socially acceptable to lean on her shoulder and check the time? A little dramatic I know but really in essence that’s what youre doing when you compare your timeline to someone else’s. So keep that in mind the next time you compare your journey and your life to someone else’s. Welp that’s my thusd night rant. Enjoy life girlies talk to you soon💋

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